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Stillwater represents both sellers and buyers
of water rights and reserviors.

How We Assist You


Water Brokerage Services

Stillwater facilitates water rights and reservoir transactions. We represent our clients similar to the way that a commercial real estate broker assists clients in the acquisition or sale of land or buildings. Stillwater enters into agency agreements with its clients and is paid a fee upon the successful acquisition or sale of water related assets. Stillwater represents both sellers and buyers of water rights and reservoirs.

Buyer Agency

Under buyer agency, Stillwater represents clients who need to acquire water supplies for a specific purpose (municipal, industrial or environmental). Typically, Stillwater prepares an initial plan to meet the specific water needs of the client. Upon acceptance of the plan by the client, Stillwater implements it by negotiating the lease or purchase of the water that best meets the client's needs. Stillwater earns its fee when the water is successfully acquired.

Seller Agency

With seller agency, Stillwater represents clients who own water rights or reservoirs that they wish to sell. We evaluate the market value of the asset and enter into listing agreements with the owners.

We generally work on transactions with values of at least $1 million. Stillwater works on a success fee basis, meaning, we are not compensated until we have completed a transaction that meets the client's requirements.

Water Development

Some of our clients prefer to have Stillwater develop and finance water projects to meet their needs.   The developed water is leased on a short or long term basis.  This model has been successfully employed in the Oil and Gas sector.



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