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"Touch water in the west and you touch everything."

—John Gunther

Stillwater Resources was founded in 1987 to provide solutions to water supply problems in the western United States. Increasingly, water users acquire water rights and reservoirs on the open market, rather than constructing new water dams and diversion systems. Stillwater uses its expertise in water markets to help our clients acquire water for their municipal, environmental and industrial needs and to develop and finance water projects for the oil and gas sector.

Although our primary focus is Colorado, Stillwater has represented clients and in conjunction with partners has developed water projects in Nevada, Arizona and California.  We facilitate an average of $15m to $20m in transactions annually. We have also advised clients on water transactions in other states, including New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma.

Stillwater's principal, Walraven Ketellapper, has been professionally involved in western water since 1977. Stillwater provides innovative, cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally sound water supply solutions.




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